Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons  are available for singles, couples or small groups of couples.  They work well for those interested in learning in a more personal or one on one setting. They are also perfect for couples wishing to learn a dance for a special occasion such as a couple’s first dance at their wedding.

Private lessons are usually scheduled for one hour at a time and are available by appointment 2 weekends a month and Wednesday evenings over the summer.  Check our calendars for dates and times available.

Private Large Group Dance Sessions

Private large group dance sessions are perfect for any large group such as churches, civic or fraternal organizations, or workplace groups that would like to plan a social event to include dance instruction.  The format of the large group session could be similar to our open dance format where the basic steps to several dances are taught or the session could be focused on just a few dances with a few more moves taught in each dance. It’s your session; you plan it to accommodate your needs and desires.  Why not market it as “Date Night”? 

Large group sessions are available by appointment on weekends and are limited to 40 people when held at Balleraena Dance Studio.  Out of town sessions may be scheduled for an additional cost.
Private Lesson Prices

Each lesson is one hour. 
Private lessons are scheduled on weekends by appointment.

$  65 with tax

$180 with tax

$270 with tax

$  30 including tax

1 Lesson

Package of 3 Lessons

Package of 5 Lessons

Add a Couple to a Private Lesson
Lessons for 1-2 People
Large Group Lessons
Groups over 6 People

$135 with tax

Out of Town Lessons add 50 cents per mile round trip.
Date Night Dance Company offers private lessons for these dances:
Cha Cha    Salsa    Rumba     Foxtrot     Waltz   Tango
Two-Step         Jitterbug     Nightclub Two-Step
East Coast Single and Triple Swing    
Polka and Old Time Waltz      

Check our dance descriptions page
for decriptions of each dance.
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In January 2017, we announced that we were cutting back in our teaching as we move toward retirement.  We are now taking another step in that direction so we can spend more time with our family.

We are sorry but we are no longer accepting new clients for private lessons.  Anyone who has already contacted us for lessons or has purchased lessons but hasn't scheduled all of them will still be able to do so.  Current clients who take regular lessons with us will still be able to schedule their lessons.  Please contact us for lesson dates and times.